Grand Celebrate Preparations Are Going On For The Opening Of Ram Temple In Dehradun.

On the 22nd of January, when the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya is to be consecrated, traders in Dehradun's vibrant market are preparing for a joyous celebration. As the shopkeepers and traders prepare for this occasion, decorating their premises with colorful decorations and lights, there is a sense of festive mood.

 In view of the overwhelming enthusiasm for this historical event, there is a high level of anticipation in the trading community. In order to celebrate this important moment in the history of India's culture and religion, a number of shops will offer special discounts, promotions or Themed Displays. It is hoped that the celebration will foster a sense of unity and mutual joy among the various traders' communities in Dehradun. 

 On the occasion of the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, liquor stores and bars will remain closed in Uttarakhand on January 22. On Friday, the Excise Commissioner, Hari Chandra Semwal, issued an order to this effect. Local markets are likely to witness increased footfall as residents join in the festivities, adding to the festive atmosphere with music, traditional performances, and cultural events. “Explore char dham yatra with Ayodhya”

 This collective celebration not only highlights the cultural richness of the region but also underscores the unity and solidarity of the people in expressing their reverence for the consecration of the Ram temple. It's a moment of shared pride and joy that transcends individual businesses and creates a sense of comradeship among traders in Dehradun.