At this time, Influencers Creating Annoyance At Char Dham To Be Booked

Very new cases seem to be rising recently. As social media influencers and You Tubers were making reels and vlogs at holy religious sites. They are reported for creating nuisances and chaos. This news was reported and came to the limelight through the director general of police.  Not only that, but these influencers seem to be indulging in some immoral activities at Char Dham Yatra sites. Which is really alarming for the sanctity of the place. Such as drinking alcohol and smoking hookah. The police officer highlighted, that they were doing “objectional acts” which surely hinders the purity of the place. Well, that also includes a cheap way of promoting the place. It has become troublesome for the real pilgrims. 


It was reported that social media influencers are causing inconvenience to others. The irresponsible actions of these influencers have sparked public outrage, with pilgrims expressing their displeasure and concern over the degradation of the spiritual atmosphere. Now, the authorities are also reaching out to known social media platforms to put some light on the issue and warn the influencers from engaging in disruptive activities at the Char Dham sites.